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West Road Area Drainage and Road Upgrade

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

As the commercial and industrial properties along Portsmouth’s West Road were built out, the roadway and adjacent private property experienced increased flooding due to undersized drainage infrastructure. Due to the fact that it was originally constructed in an over-excavated gravel pit, the industrial park also experienced additional drainage and groundwater issues. Working closely with City of Portsmouth, Altus documented suspected drainage deficiencies via computer modelling and multiple field visits during large rain events.

Proposed drainage and roadway improvements were evaluated and prioritized to meet a limited construction budget and maximize the benefit to the project area. The final design included over 4,000 feet of new drainage infrastructure and the reclamation of West Road with the base material redistributed to improve the road profile. Design challenges included numerous utility conflicts, flat grades and wetland permitting. The project was funded through the City Capital Improvement Program. Altus prepared permit applications for NHDES Wetland impacts, prepared bid documents and provided full time site observation during portions of the construction.


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