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Who we are

Eric D. Weinrieb, PE


Bachelor of Science – Civil Engineering, University of New Hampshire, 1985

Registered Professional Engineer: New Hampshire (#7634), Maine (#6658)
Sanitary Disposal System Designer: New Hampshire (#809)
Septic System Installer: New Hampshire (#2631)
Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (#2188)

Experience Summary
Mr. Weinrieb has over 35 years of civil, survey, and construction engineering experience. A significant portion of Eric’s experience is with municipal and institutional projects. He understands the challenges facing municipal departments and their constituents, especially in the area of public relations. He is an accomplished public speaker, communicating complex engineering concepts at public hearings, often to non-technical stakeholders. Eric’s design and construction administration expertise with municipal facilities has made him highly respected by municipal staff, state regulators, selectmen, councilors, and the public.

Erik Saari, PMP, LEED AP

Vice President

Bachelor of Arts – Hamilton College, Clinton, NY, 1997

PMP (Project Management Professional)
LEED AP (Leader in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional)
CPESC (Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control)
CPSWQ (Certified Professional in Stormwater Quality)
CESSWI (Certified Erosion, Sediment, and Stormwater Inspector)

Experience Summary
As a principal of the firm, Mr. Saari brings over 25 years of engineering experience in the design and permitting of complex developments. With a particular focus on large-scale commercial and industrial sites, Erik is well versed in the intricacies of multi-disciplinary, land development projects. Through his time spent as a contractor for the Department of Defense, Mr. Saari has gained an excellent grasp of intricate project management processes. He also has extensive knowledge of stormwater management and hydraulic analysis, erosion control, utility design, permitting and site plan and roadway layout. Always on the lookout for “just one more” lot, unit or parking space, Erik works hard to maximize the development potential of a site for the benefit of our clients.

Cory D. Belden, PE, LEED AP

Vice President

Bachelor of Science – Civil Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1994

Professional Civil Engineer: New Hampshire (#14239), Maine (#13817), California (#C61865)
LEED AP (Leader in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional)
Certified Professional in Stormwater Management (UNH 2018)

Experience Summary
Mr. Belden has 28 years of engineering design, construction, and project management experience including the design and relocation of utilities for roadway improvement projects. Cory has designed sewer systems, storm drainage systems, water distribution lines, and coordinated the relocation of gas, oil, electrical, cable and fiber optic facilities. He has over 10 years of experience in municipal roadway design and construction management as well as multi-disciplinary projects for State agencies and local municipalities. Mr. Belden has prepared numerous plans, specifications, and estimate (PS&E) packages to publicly bid for construction. He also has extensive experience performing detailed hydraulic analyses and sustainable design practices, particularly in best management practices for storm water management. Cory has coordinated with state agencies, local municipalities, regulatory agencies, and numerous private utilities to successful deliver projects. He also has experience working in construction management, assisting with the construction of utility and infrastructure projects.

Max and Dilly

Office Assistants

Protect the office from Interior Designers . . . although they have been known to sleep through deadlines and are easily distracted by treats.


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